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    Mommy, You Are Right

    … Eat your vegetables ….

    …. Never, ever talk to strangers …..

    …. Learn to count your blessings ….

    …. Blah, Blah, Blah ….

    List would go on and on. But she would not stop. As if she has a lot in stored  in her chest ready to explode in every little opportunity that she sees. In every tiny little
    details has big comments and examples that make soap opera dragging. Cant she stop even for a while? Cant she see, Im all grown up now?

    Honestly I missed her now.

    I missed her how she wakes me up in the morning and tell me that Im gonna be late for school. Cause thats the time I learn how to value time and respect the time of others.

    I missed her how she counts the money I have in my pocket and telling me to realy take care of it because I know right there she was teaching me to value money as it will help me in achieving my goals in life.

    I missed her how she wake up early in the morning everyday just to prepare our breakfast, she told me, it is the very important meal of the day. You eat like a king in the morning, eat like a prince in the afternoon and eat like a pauper in the evening. My Doctor still echoing the very same thing the way she told me that.

    I could go on and on with a lot of good memories but boils down to one thing, Mom, you are right. I have told you this but a lot of the things that you taught me, I cherished them here in my heart. And I wanted to say, Thank You for all the countless blessings you have given me and my siblings. I will forever cherish the memories. And it will be forever in my heart.

    Happy Mother’s Day! I Love You, Mom! 🙂

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