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  • AffiniTea Presents Brown Race: A Benefit Run for Grace to Be Born Foundation

    I have been joining fun run since 2011 and I make it a point to join only Fun Run with a good cause. And AffiniTea’s Brown Race is no exception to this advocacy.   Seasoned fun run participants know all too well that it takes focus, commitment, and preparation to get past the finish line. That […]

  • ENERGIZER NIGHT RUN at Sept 6, 2014 in Alabang City

    Looking for a Night Run that’s unique and has Positivenergy in it? Here is something for you. After the last year’s “glowing race” with thousands of runners in the Greater Manila area, people can experience again the one-of-a-kind fun run as Energizer opens Night Race Manila 2014. Energizer’s night race is the perfect fit especially […]

  • PROEARTH run on April 12, 2014

    PRO EARTH RUN TO KICK-START EARTH DAY 2014 CELEBRATION Year after year since the 1990’s, the Philippines participates in the worldwide celebration of Earth Day. The Philippines’ celebration is unique in that it is a coming together of government, civil society, and churches to highlight the country’s environmental health and renew their partnership to work […]

  • Fat Run April 14, 2013 –  a worthwhile event

    I started running last 2011 but this is the first time I heard about an obstacle run. The Fat Run 2013 will have five physical challenges: speed ropes, balance beam and crawling, jump box, push up, and a wall wherein the participants will have to finish within an hour. This will be a combination of […]

  • Schools Run for School Rooms

    Isn’t a good advocacy to run for school children to have their classroom this school year? I will run anyway. Why not choose an event that could spell the difference and make a your run worthwhile.

  • Cortal SQR Run & Fly Away from Pain

    Last May 27, I was invited to run for my first 15km. I thought for a moment this is going to be a tough day for me. This is going to be my farthest distance for me. I told myself, its ok, I have Cortal SQR with me :-).

  • Run for Road Safety

    Since I started running last year, I learned that there is a scheduled fun run almost every Saturday and Sunday. I learned also to choose what running event to attend to. I based it on the organizers, the course and most importantly, what advocacy are they supporting. For me, it makes the difference.

  • One Run. One Family. One La Salle. (OROFOLS 3)

    I was invited to run on June 10, 2012. Honestly, I’m a bit exhausted from my last run which is my first 21km (which is to be posted next, wink, wink). But it hard to say no to a very good running event plus its for a very good cause.

  • Last Man Running

    At first, it looks like a title from an action movie. But no, this is the latest addition to a string of events from Bayer, makers of Rogin-E. It seems interesting so I joined the Fun Run in the 5+2km category.



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