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  • PBA All Stars to play at SM Mall of Asia

    Last year we were able to find ourselves in spotlight of the basketball world. Winning a monumental game versus Korea that earned the Philippines a Silver finish before losing to the towering Iran , 85-71 last FIBA 2013. From here on, it will be a JOURNEY TO SPAIN. Since almost all of the players of […]

  • Sumosam Olympia – Makati’s latest 24 hour dining concept

    Sumosam Olympia is situated beside premiere hotels and residences in the bustling area of Sto. Tomas corner Makati Avenue, Urdaneta, Makati City. Sumosam Olympia Sumosam Olympia is Sumosam’s 25th Silver Store, a 24-hour dine and unwind concept offering breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and midnight snack come April 2011. With its busy meal periods, Sumosam […]

  • Fat Run April 14, 2013 –  a worthwhile event

    I started running last 2011 but this is the first time I heard about an obstacle run. The Fat Run 2013 will have five physical challenges: speed ropes, balance beam and crawling, jump box, push up, and a wall wherein the participants will have to finish within an hour. This will be a combination of […]

  • Run for Road Safety

    Since I started running last year, I learned that there is a scheduled fun run almost every Saturday and Sunday. I learned also to choose what running event to attend to. I based it on the organizers, the course and most importantly, what advocacy are they supporting. For me, it makes the difference.

  • life’s success

    How to be successful in life? For me, my taste is simple….I only want the best. Lots of money in the bank… Nice house… Nice cars… Food on the table… Good education…. Great job…  This is what a lot of people call a good manifestation of success. There is nothing wrong in having all of […]

  • peace be with you….

    Always make it a point to be at peace with yourselff, with the people around you and our Creator. In everything we do, it should conform with the social and moral norms.

  • money and my life

    Money may be the husk of many things but not the kernel.

  • life’s health

    We will put it in another way, if one has a good health, one has everything.



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