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  • Write and Read 2 Program

    October 17, 2013, Manila, Philippines— HP, a global leader in technology, culminates the second year of the HP Write and Read 2 program. Covering both private and public schools and universities and reaching 50 student participants for its illustration and poetry writing, HP’s Write and Read program is in partnership with the Department of Education […]

  • Money and Time

    In life we are always looking for the best bargain available for us. But are we getting our money’s worth? Is it really what we wanted in life? Or is it just what was presented to us and making us believe that it is better for us. Then we’ll end up dissatisfied with our choices. […]

  • Casmara – Cosmetics without Limits

    CASMARA – Cosmetics without limits. Skin Sensation Treatment Gold Mask 2080 Throughout history, gold has been used in jewelry and cosmetics, from the Egyptians to the Aztec’s gold was believed to have magical properties of youth and vitality. Historians have proven that the exquisite queen Cleopatra slept in gold mask every night to enhance the […]

  • Headphones, anyone? :-)

    It was a hot summer afternoon and my friend, Mac Vasquez went to the Mind Museum to participate in a science workshop for students on how to make a headphone. Seriously? I drive all the the way to THE FORT just to learn how to make headphones? I could have bought a headphone an spare […]

  • the day I won in a contest

    I felt it was a lucky day for me. First, I got to spend the day with my wife although I have to take a leave at work for that (which is by the way a rarity for me). Then I got to spend some time with my blogger-friends some of them I have not […]

  • Oriental’s Hot and Perfect V-Day

    The Oriental Hotels and Resorts offers the perfect  place to celebrate love as  it sets the stage for passion during the most romantic season of the year amidst the backdrop of nature’s wonder- the Mt. Mayon in Legazpi City or a wonderful historical site–.MacArthur Landing Memorial of Leyte. From February 9 to 16, 2013, couples can […]

  • life’s success

    How to be successful in life? For me, my taste is simple….I only want the best. Lots of money in the bank… Nice house… Nice cars… Food on the table… Good education…. Great job…  This is what a lot of people call a good manifestation of success. There is nothing wrong in having all of […]

  • for mom

    The most important thing is that your child learns how to appreciate the efforts of life experiences the difficulties and learns the ability to work with others to get thing done and to all live in harmony.

  • life’s secret

    “The HAPPIEST PEOPLE do not necessarily have the BEST THINGS. They simply APPRECIATE the things they have”



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