Life growing up in the heart of the metro at a glance would provide you all the opportunity any human can take their hands on. Law of Economics, supply and demand, as it was taught to us. Roughly 22 million people covering a 636 sq. kms land area. That’s almost 35 thousand people trying to occupy a sq km.

Manila at Night

Most often than not, this what gives a lot of complication to a lot of people – a confusion to life… Learning how to deal with it was not easy. Our new law of economics, appreciate more of what you have and wanting less of what you do not have where a simple life can still give you an amazing life. This leads to give birth to OFL aka Our Fullest Life. photo

Manila Bay through my own lens

Most of the people just love to read simple yet direct and sensible topics. OFL lives to that expectations – focus on plain, easy and minimal thoughts but yet down-to-earth and unpretentious one-point track about life… The less we say, the less it will be confusing, the better it is appreciated… Once we capture the general picture of the topic, the substance and essence put into light by turning these thoughts into actions… How do we do it? Day by day, we encounter different simple circumstances from successful people, movies/videos we watch,  music we heard, quotes we ponder, personal life experiences – OFL serves as a journal of persons on how they cope with this challenges as they wrote how they feel and act upon it… At the end, realization that living an awesome life is not that too difficult to achieve. It is about our mind set on how change will occur upon us… Hopefully, our posts here can help not only us but the readers as we partake the road in lving life to the fullest.. Simple Life 101