Funny to share but launching Our Fullest Life aka OFL way back then (alright, it was only three months ago – August 2010 to be exact) was just something personal.

For the first couple of months, it was pretty much fun – yet,  it was a bit overwhelming.  There were times that quitting was an option. The only motivation then was to speak your mind, hoping it would be appreciated.

But then, in blogging, one throw his thoughts into thin air expecting anything but speaking his mind. Then eventually it felt good. Letting it all out.

Sharing every thoughts that comes into mind. It felt weird, because in blogging you are as if talking to all readers in the world and trying to make a connection.

But in reality, all you have was oneself. You are letting your guards down. You talk to your inner self. Introspect. Finding and having with yourself.

Then comes the biggest prize in blogging……readers’ comments.

After that, there was no backing down. You know that as you write your own experience, somebody else was actually looking for the same topic so they can relate their own experiences or might be looking for a possible solution  in life.

This is our greatest motivation right now – to touch other people’s lives in order for us to have a better world to live in.

Hopefully, OFL can bring that bridge as we all continue our travel to fullest life….