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    Money and Time

    In life we are always looking for the best bargain available for us. But are we getting our money’s worth? Is it really what we wanted in life? Or is it just what was presented to us and making us believe that it is better for us. Then we’ll end up dissatisfied with our choices.


    My guide in life in making choices specially when it comes to balancing between two most important things in life –  money and time, is simple.

    Money – SAVE, SAVE, SAVE.

    Most often than not, I do not have plenty to dispose that’s why it’s important to make wise decisions in spending. Do I really need it? Is there a better alternative? Can it wait? Can I just invest it today and eventually when it earns I will spend my earnings and save my principal amount.


    It is more expensive than anything in the world. Because when it is spent you can not replace nor can not take it back.  So, my take on this? Instead of saving time, I would rather spent it on rather what is relevant and important matters like building relationship. Spent it with your family, having a personal relationship with God, have a good laugh with your good friends and don’t forget to have a quality me time with yourself- it would give back your sanity after a stressful week.

    So the next time you are faced with a problem between money and time, the secret is in the balancing between the two.

    The greatness is in the balance between time and money.

    Live life to the fullest!  🙂

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