Posts made in March, 2013

  • T.G.I. Friday’s New Menu

    If you want big servings, where else can you find here in the metro?  All good things comes in big packages, is what they say.  But it isn’t just all that. Have you heard about having a 2 cocktails while paying for just 1? Seriously? Let’s check out T.G.I. Friday’s New Menu. T.G.I.Friday’s, the first […]

  • Headphones, anyone? :-)

    It was a hot summer afternoon and my friend, Mac Vasquez went to the Mind Museum to participate in a science workshop for students on how to make a headphone. Seriously? I drive all the the way to THE FORT just to learn how to make headphones? I could have bought a headphone an spare […]

  • Credit Card, to be or not to be?

    Early this week, I got the chance t0 witness the new lifesaver of the modern times. Being able to make both ends meet up, that is your emergency flat tire or sudden visit to the doctor and your next pay check. Now BPI Family Savings Bank proudly presents its very first credit card: the BPI Family Credit Card, […]

  • Fat Run April 14, 2013 –  a worthwhile event

    I started running last 2011 but this is the first time I heard about an obstacle run. The Fat Run 2013 will have five physical challenges: speed ropes, balance beam and crawling, jump box, push up, and a wall wherein the participants will have to finish within an hour. This will be a combination of […]

  • the day I won in a contest

    I felt it was a lucky day for me. First, I got to spend the day with my wife although I have to take a leave at work for that (which is by the way a rarity for me). Then I got to spend some time with my blogger-friends some of them I have not […]



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