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    life’s success

    How to be successful in life?

    For me, my taste is simple….I only want the best.

    Lots of money in the bank… Nice house… Nice cars… Food on the table… Good education…. Great job…  This is what a lot of people call a good manifestation of success. There is nothing wrong in having all of those things in life, as long as you accumulated all of those legally. As long as you do not have any problems getting all of those. As long as you do not compromise what is more important than those like family, quality time with loved ones, health, moral values and the likes. I dont want to sound hypocrite. I have no problems having all of those but I only have a simple equation on how to be successful in life.

    For me, success is being able to do what you want, when you want it and how do you want it. Simple as that.

    Easier said than done, you may say. But can you help me identify successful persons living that way? Bill Gates? Warren Buffet? All persons in the Fortune Top 100 lists of billionaires? Yes, they are very successful in life by way of looking at their net worth. But I have other people in mind  that can be very successful in getting what they want. Have you seen a baby in a crib crying to tell their parents that they are hungry? Their parents drop what they are doing just to attend to their baby. Whether babies need to change diaper, want to drink their milk, or if they just plain bored. Anything they want is always a cry away. Aren’t they the most successful people in this planet?

    I have another example. I dont know any persons in the whole world that feed more people than one can ever imagine, give shelter to the homeless, take care of sick people and do all charity works without a single penny. This is what she do for a living. Im referring to  Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Governments, charity organisations and prominent individuals have been inspired by her work. She received numerous awards, including a number from the Indian Government, as well as Nobel Peace Prize. Talk about being successful, right. I could just imagine her when traveling to different countries. All airlines and hotels must be dying just to let her take their services for free. I mean flying business class, checking in the presidential suite and all. But she does not have money to have all that in life.

    So what does it take to do what you want, when you want it and how do u want it to be?  How de we become successful in life?

    First, I would like to think that like the babies, we dont need a lot of things to be happy. We only need food, clothing and shelter. Anything in excess is not important. Sometimes getting those would even complicate our lives that we wont be able to enjoy the best things in life. Living a simple life.

    Second, taking the cue from Mother Teresa, doing what you want and being good at it is all what it takes. You just have to do it with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your might. Extra ordinary people are those who do ordinary things extra ordinarily.

    Lastly, Need More and Want Less.

    You might even experience that the best things in life  are free.


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