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    life’s coach

    She was a very well known lady who wants to loose weight and wants to loose it fast.

    She tried almost all kinds of fad exercises, crash diets and everything just to loose weight. But all to no avail.

    She asked herself, “Am I not taking it all seriously? Am I not doing it correctly? What else can I do? I hope somebody can help me loose weight.”

    For her, loosing weight is everything to her. Her health is deteriorating. She can not work properly because she’s too fat.

    She tried everything but she would end up in a yoyo situation. She even had a MENTOR to do this.

    Sharing one’s expertise can’t seem to find her the right answer.

    Losing weight so fast, faster than saying CHOCO MUCHO.  But will also gain back all the weight after a few days or so, faster than saying S.O.S.

    She almost gave up until one day she met this LIFE COACH named Phil.

    He told her that the reason she always ends up where she started is that she lack a compelling reason why does she wants to lose weight.

    She told him that she wanted to lose weight because she wanted to look good. But he asked her, “Why do you want to look good?”

    She told him that she wanted to look good because she wanted to work so she can provide for her family, then he asked her, “Why do you want to provide for your family?”

    She told him that she wanted to provide her family everything life can offer because she loved her family. And then he told her, “Go home and start living a healthy life so you can live longer and work and provide the best things in life for her family. Your family also love you very much.”

    And the rest was history.

    I know you have a really wild guess who was that really famous lady.

    But what’s more important is that we should be able to find that compelling reason for us to achieve our life’s objective.

    Relatively important is to have a life coach.

    Life in itself is hard enough for it to be lived alone. One of the things we should go find ourselves is a LIFE COACH.

    When we are experiencing trouble and we can not think right, LIFE COACH comes very handy for us to be back on the right track.

    Often times, we follow our heart and do things as it pleases us.

    Not thinking its implications if it would be beneficial to all or not as long as it feels good.

    Only a life coach would tell you that sometimes you have to do the things that you hate to have the things that you love.

    And he would support you in doing this all the way.

    Hopefully, we can all find ourselves a life coach so we can always do what is right rather than what our heart yearns for.

    Life should be lived based on a higher calling rather than just letting it just pass by.

    Have a well-lived life.

    After all, if we would be asked by the one who gave it to us, hopefully we can say that we were able to live life to the fullest.

    Enjoy life.

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  • 6 Comments to “life’s coach”

    • admin on March 9, 2011

      – Sometimes we have to do the things that we hate to have the things that we love.

    • admin on March 9, 2011

      Happy Reading! 🙂

    • Rowena de Asis on June 8, 2011

      Admin, are you a “Life Coach”? Indeed. Thanks, this post is really appreciated

      • admin on June 9, 2011

        Rowena, if your asking me if I am a “Life Coach” professionally, No, Im not.
        Let’s just say that I am a lover of life. I enjoy everything that comes my way.
        And one of the biggest enjoyment that comes with it is to be able to share my experiences to others.

        Thanks for the comment!

    • Rowena de Asis on June 13, 2011

      Wenny for short Mr. Admin. Maybe you experience it so its easy for you to share. I believe you are a life coach after all even not professionally.

    • admin on June 13, 2011

      Some of it were based my own experiences.
      Some were based from my friends experiences as well.
      But a lot were based on my observation in our society.

      I just want to share things as I see it.
      Happy Reading and Live Life to the Fullest! 🙂

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