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    life’s addiction

    “The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.” -Arthur C Clarke

    Did you experience in your life that you have accomplish almost everything to do, as in everyday – business meetings every now and then, projects to finish and family errands?

    Despite that painful and hectic schedule,  you will still find a way to do other stuffs to accomplish like update your blogs, say hi/hello to your loved ones by chatting and do some social networking.  But still, you can even explore outside like new food, new places to try and have time to workout…

    Question is, how did  you do it?  There are only two answers.  You are addicted and crazy!

    Naaahhhhh!  Maybe yes but  one can still honestly say if one is  obsessed on what you are doing, you filled it with full spirit and passion on how you achieve your purpose day by day.

    If you believe that another next job opportunity, genius business idea or economic shift will improve your financial happiness and this will bring you a success you deserve – you’re kidding yourself.

    What motivates you to move along is simply because you just love what you are doing.

    It reaches to your full potential that every time you accomplish something – a remarkable fulfillment to yourself, as you maximize the reward of happiness…

    Isn’t it time to finally learn what’s holding you back?  No one benefits if one just play small and contented as what you are.  No outside influence or opportunity will make or sustain your success.

    Everyday, we are always given a chance to reach our dreams, to give our best shot as we attain extra-ordinary results.  It is only a limitation in our belief whether or not we can accomplish a thing.

    You have to think big to be big.   You only live once so why not live it to the fullest….

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