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    life’s shadow

    Emptiness now lies me at night…Sad, alone – but when I started to look upon stuff to relinguish this feeling, I stumble these thoughts that visualize me that there is really this dark side of life..

    Got this through a friend where I like to share some excerpts to that thoughts where it comes to the realization that life is not that bad at all….

    “Just like light, nature has its darkness.
    Just as there are sunny days, so there shall be rainy days.
    Just as there is calm… so there shall be chaos.
    Yin and Yang depicts the presence of counter forces in life.”

    How does one manage or avoid the darker side of life?

    “The more one avoids the darker side of life, the more it will continue to appear, until the lesson is learned. Our society teaches us to manage adversity”…

    To avoid it at all costs and to defy its existence…..

    Sadness, Loss, Grief, and Death are all part of the darker qualities of life. Society has taught us to seek help in eliminating these forces, or perhaps in being able to remove the feeling from our lives.

    However, the reality is…even sadness, grief, loss and death are part of life. They are life. The shadows of life.

    The more we avoid them, the bigger and more mysterious their existence become.

    The way to manage these forces is not to fight them…
    it is not to run away from them…
    or to try and find solace for them.

    The way to manage these forces is to face them…
    to embrace them…
    to welcome them in our lives so they become a part of us…
    and then allow us to rise above ourselves.

    If we experience a loss…
    then embrace the feeling of loss.
    If we encounter the feeling of grief,
    then embrace grief.

    Relish the feeling of coldness…
    of sadness…
    of darkness until these dissipates from the
    body and into the outer consciouness.
    Once we become familiar with the worst effect of these counterveiling forces in lives…
    then we reach nothingness.

    We are left with nothing…we become nothing.
    When we embrace the darker qualities in life by allowing the emotion to flow through our body, we experience the moment of losing everything.

    But in the moment of experiencing total loss, when we encounter nothingness…
    we will also discover ourselves.

    We will then discover that we have an existence…

    The discovery of that consciousness of existence will make you realize
    that inspite of everyhting you have experienced and lost, you are still alive.

    And if your are still alive you can experience life. And if you can still experience life, then you can still find joy (as well as sorrow),
    warmth (as well as coldness), rise (as well as fall), victory (as well as defeat), abundance (as well as nothingness).

    In that nothingness resides that womb of creation that welcomes you to the bridge between humanity and spirituality.

    Between the here and now, and the everlasting. Between what is and what is to become and what can not be destroyed.

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