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    work life balance

    “I’ve learned that you can’t have everything and do everything at the same time.” by Oprah Winfrey

    Here I go again, an overwhelming list to prepare for this week –  project on the row, meetings, deadlines with previous issues, papers to sign in, email to answers, blogs to post and beside with that things to do note, there are still errands at home which are not yet listed.

    Whoooow, where will I start?

    Baby steps I suppose even all are first priorities – where I will take small steps day by day as I finish it…

    I will take positive thoughts that I can do it as I finish it closer today than they were yesterday.

    As much as possible, I have to take time to pray – the most, 15 to 20 minutes – uplifting all the graces, blessings and guidance that we receive as we breathe it into the air with silence and reflection.

    Still even I have a heck of busy schedule, I will not forget to go to the gym for workout twice a week.

    I have to also watch myself what I am eating for a better health.  Still, this is hard to do but it is how to take responsibility- to discipline yourself…

    When I came home every night for my family, I will savor their sweet smiles, their hugs and kisses. I will also listen to their stories with empathy as they share their day’s experiences even I feel I have to take a nap.  Simple indeed but yet amazing feeling for those you love most!

    When I am about to touch my bed for a sleep, I know I have done my share of responsibilities even deep within me, there are things I did not do… Surely, no regrets at all, no qualms, no turning back…

    Because I enjoy living my life today while I live it to the fullest – with contentment in my heart.  I know I have everything that I need and definitely, that is enough – a work life balance….

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