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    life’s simple pleasures

    “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”  by Confucius

    My biggest problem in the past when I am starting for a new endeavor.  This make me things so complicated.  I just accept it, being stress and still there are work loads on my pipeline.  Wooh, how soon will it stop?

    Looking back into it,  those early mistakes helped me to get to where I am. Even now, I make tons of mistakes but I learn as I go along.

    Very often, we may take for granted the simple things which we enjoy in our daily life until we may not be enjoying it the way they are.

    Now that I’ve learned to look at things with the lens of simplicity, I can see others making mistakes I’ve made in the past.

    What are those little things that we love doing but have given up because we are tight up with our busy schedules?

    Anyway, these are some of my random simple life pleasures I enjoy to do:

    • spending quality time with your loved ones
    • watering the plants
    • cooking my favorite french toast with ham and egg as breakfast
    • having coffee and partner it with my favorite cake
    • buy fresh flowers and put them all over the house
    • watching nature scenery while going to work
    • watching sunrise and sunset
    • giving simple gifts to your loved ones and friends when you are away

    These simple pleasures give us of freedom to experience the small happiness of everyday life – life that is rich with simple joys..

    How about you, what is your life’s simple pleasures?

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